1- Our fleet owner customer agrees with a Petrol Ofisi representative to become an AutoMatic Fleet Management customer and benefit from the manufacturer.

2-From our customer's information, license plates and the people they use to the AutoMatic Fleet Management System belonging to the Petrol Ofisi.

3- Our customer makes an appointment for the construction of the selected AutoMatic Fleet Management device and the most suitable device will be installed. It is purchased from the vehicle purchased with a special password specific to our customer.

4-The driver, arriving at the Petrol Ofisi station, approaches the fuel station with the AutoMatic Fleet Management logo on it. The system is applied to place the fuel guns in the warehouse and the fuel purchase will be automatic.

5- It will be learned that the money collection will be purchased, and the information that it will be invoiced without being collected at that moment, is automatically sent to the cashier receipt system. This field driver continues about any payment and will disappear from view.

6-Petrol Office issues invoices for fuel consumption twice, on the last 15th of the month, and sends the invoice to the customer.

7- Our customers can also reach from the AutoMatic Fleet Management System via our Web or Mobile application with the software program owned by the students, to determine the vehicle limit and to make sales targeting purchases.